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12-Jul-2017 09:56

If a call is then made it can usually be reactivated.

After a further 90 days the number is disconnected but the phone can be reconnected if the customer requests it to be along with any credit for a further 90 days.

When you call 999, an operator asks which service you require.

If you remain silent and it’s an emergency, you’ll be asked to cough or make some other audible sound without speaking.

The correct procedure is called Silent Solutions but very few people know it exists.

If after calling 999 you haven’t been able to signal to the operator that your call is an emergency by coughing, you’ll be put through to an operating system.

Since the launch of Tinder back in 2012, and with people bored of long drawn out profiles and endless messaging back and forth on traditional dating sites, there is no denying that dating apps are now the go-to method if you want to meet someone online these days.

There may come a time in everyone’s life when you need to call the emergency services, but it might put you or those around you in even more danger by talking.Fingers crossed there is still an option for a few beers in a pub. Whatifi Fresh out of the packet – this app describes itself as ‘the event and location-based social reconnection app’.Which sounds complicated but simply means if you’ve been to an event the night before but left without that hot guy’s number?After 270 the number is recycled and the credit lost.

Not that Vodafone staff are always as clear as they should be on this timeline.

Vodafone says once such a phone has gone it has no way of knowing how much credit had been on it.